Saturday, May 1, 2010

What I've Waited For

I am finally in my new apartment! This is grand! I am in my nice blue living room with the windows open and the fan and air fresheners running, trying to get the musty smell out of it.

I am happy to be here, but a bit disappointed with the overall state of the place. The shower is being held together by insulating foam and duct tape. I had to clean EVERYTHING when I got here. Fridge, floors, radiators, windows, shelves, walls.... I still need to vacuum and knock the door hinges back into place.

I phoned the land lady and left a message about the shower but I haven't heard back from her today. I assume she's got plenty going on because she owns a few different rental units across the city and they are all probably in a state of turmoil. But I cannot take a shower, which is upsetting. I'll be fine though!

The previous people also left an unsightly big white desk thing in our kitchen. I want to dispose of it, and here comes my roomie!!! aah!!!

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