Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some days all I need to lift up my spirits is driving on a warm night with the windows open and some good music. I feel so uninhibited and un-specifically excited; I'm surprised I don't just dissolve into the wind rushing around me.

I think dissolving would feel really good. Gradually becoming a speck of infinity instead of a speck in infinity. Think of it so:
First all of your possessions melt away. You have no more bed or house or computer or socks
Then all of your aspirations; you don't care what happens to you. You're just dissolving
Your opinions are eroded away. Peaceful indifference
Slowly your body melts into nothingness, leaving your already empty mind alone with itself.
And your mind goes too. The essence you feel inside yourself dissolves and diffuses so that it is no longer an entity itself. It is just atoms, which are scattered to every reach of the universe.

None of it matters, I don't think. Your posessions don't, and aspirations lead to nothing. Your opinions are empty of actual purpose; who or what cares what you think? We know the body is simply atoms built into molecules built into cells built into tissues built into organs built into systems. What, therefore, is your mind there for?

Dissolving. Because there is very little salt in salt water.

N.B: Dissociation is actually the best word for what I mean, and the linguistic connotations carry my idea much further, but I refuse to think about chemistry at this juncture

P.S: Opinion has destroyed belief.

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