Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Quick notes

I read today on the BBC that Uganda's president flew from London, UK, to Entebbe in economy class. The article was about how a whole bunch of people were criticizing him for it.

Why on earth would you criticize a man who is trying to set a good example for government officials and civil servants in his own country? He wants to show that it's a viable option, and that there's no need for government employees to spend ridiculous amounts of money on necessary trips. I support his action very much. It's wonderful to see that a leader is willing to make the sacrifices that he expects from others. I applaud him, and I'm disgusted with those who view his actions as 'controversial'. There's nothing controversial about a leader willing to live by the standards he sets for other; it is always a good thing. I hope that other world leaders can take notice of this, and that Ugandans will value what their leader is trying to do.


MLIA. It should stand for My Life Is Awesome. Because if all those stories are indicating the average, my life is pretty sub-standard. I used to really enjoy the site, but it's starting to get old. It makes me sad because no matter what rut societies get into, they're still ruts. This one was really fun for a while, but now it's starting to rub me the wrong way. Either bring the stories back to average, or change the A to Awesome.
Furthermore, all these stories about kids' parents or teachers prove something that I've suspected for a while. When you're a kid, it's not that your parents aren't cool; you haven't caught up to them yet. I think that all older people are funny and awesome in their way, but act "grown up" either because they're dead tired from working or because they need to have some sort of authority.
Except my mother, but that's a different issue altogether.
So an older person with a funny sense of humour and an arsenal of witty, edgy comments is truly average.

That is all.

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