Friday, December 4, 2009

Crack Cookies

They were these awesome chocolate/coffee cookies that were MAD DELICIOUS and awesome for attacks of the munchies at 3am in Elmira on a weekend.

I am so sad.

But work was not a bad time. Our foreperson didn't show up, so the poor guy who supervises afternoon shift had to stay till 6am (he starts at 3pm and is back in later today). Anyway, I was on the same line as The Annoying Guy Who Talks A Lot and Smiley Guy. Basically my 2 un-faves. The AGWhoTAL and I started out just us, and he told me he requested that I was put on the line with him cuz I know what I'm doing more than anyone. I was very happy to hear that, and he went up a few points in my estimation :). So we worked through the first order super fast, and then when we switched to the second order we got SG over and he started right in on being obnoxious. Oh well. We made him seal bags for a while, but then we traded him for a different guy after break. Since I was now sealing bags, I jacked up the line speed and we ran like magical bunnies on meth until the sealer broke and we had to wait for Old Man Maintenance to fix it. Everyone on our shift calls him SuperDave, which I think is cute. Anyway, then we ran like more magical bunnies on speed until we had to switch to a different product. We got SG back then and kept running at high speed and made him pack the skids until he started whining about how it was "too fast". The AGWhoTAL and I made fun of him, and went faster. Then the owner of the factory came in and gave us our Christmas bonus checks.

All in all a nice night.

I came home this morning and my mother started pestering me and I relapsed into book angst so now I feel kinda like a magical meth bunny quitting cold turkey. Where is my happy fix? Boing!

So now that I've thoroughly weirded away anyone normal...

I will "play my piano and sing my little song".

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  1. I know what you mean about the magical bunny quitting cold turkey.
    Lol, and you make us sound like we do weed at 3am.
    Can I be your happy fix? :P