Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Advantage of Having a Cellular Telephone

Today, I thought, was going to be really slow.
I don't have to work tonight because of Christmas soon, and friends don't get off work until frekken 11pm so my plans, if I had any, were going to be late.
Then, at around 115, as I was lying in bed considering hauling myself into the daylight for food, my phone rang. (Can I use this moment to say that I love my ring tone? I love my ring tone.)
It was a friend I haven't seen in a while. She said she wanted to hang out and asked if I had stuff going on. She sounded really stressed out, and it is unusual for her to call.
So we agreed to go to the mall for tea and talking around 230.
She drove, which I count as a bonus!

It was one of the most relieving 2 hours of my life.

I was surprised, actually, at how easy it was to be honest with her. I loved that while we both had stuff to say, both of us were willing to listen. I think the fact that she's going to be far away soon made it easier to ignore the crap drama of the past and look at the current personality.

I feel much better, on one hand, because I was able to just get a lot of stuff off my mind.
I feel sad, on the other hand, because she's gone far away in a week and I likely won't see her for a long time.

This is a dilemma.
But I am so glad we talked.
I am so glad she called.
I am so glad I kept my cell phone.

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