Monday, December 21, 2009

From my bathroom.

Just like those million times in my childhood, I've come here for shelter. The light is bright and the walls are a confusing, comforting shade of cream. I remember when they painted it pink instead and my mother almost killed the interior decorator.

But no one will bother me for a while. The door is locked and everyone is occupied. My older sister is talking to her fiancee online. The younger one (bless her) is making me macaroni for lunch. My mom and dad are engaged in office matters.

I love to just sit in here on the floor. The wireless signal is like super good in here too. Wish I had something softer to sit on though.

It may be that my older sister won't be home next Christmas. That's a relief to me more than anything. She irritates me a lot. No, dear, you are not inherently right just because you are older. I've worked hard to learn what I know, and now that I know it I won't back away.

This weekend:

I've developed some new plans and policies, mostly in regards to evenings which include both friends and alcohol. My angry, angry tummy was involved in the decision making process, as was the lack of money in my bank account. See if you can figure out what I came up with.

Those people who came out to see if they wanted to buy Jemma didn't work out. The lady had given me the impression that she had experience and was looking to get back into it, but she was really a complete beginner, so there was no way she would have worked out with that crazy horse.

That being said, I need to go to TSC and buy a broom for Lynn and Doug for Christmas. They are so awesome.

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  1. okay :)
    we'll have parties with juice and pop instead :)
    sorry about the money :(