Sunday, April 26, 2009

I really suck at being passionate about stuff. I really am enjoying just being holed away in a room with my quilt and pillow and endless words to soak my mind in (aka the Lord of the Rings books. I read the end of the first, all of the second, and am well into the third from today).

My older sister is home from the ends of the earth (aka Alberta) and she and the Evil Bible School Chick are laughing away in the basement. They're two people with one brain, it seems.

I'm finding life very tasteless and angering right now, and see no resolution to this approaching.

For now I will just read this book. Watching Frodo and Sam fight orcs, and listening to men with weird names give decorous speeches is calming because it is distracting. I can be comforted by their danger because I'm reading about it under a warm blanket on a soft bed.

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  1. this means you are ready to watch the movies...yay!