Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Early Morning

It isn't early anymore now.
But when I woke up at 6 or so this morning, I took to thinking.

I thought about boys for a while, and whether I will be able to handle a relationship with one at any point in life.

I thought about next year, being out of school, and living at home. Having had such an awesome roomie, sharing with a sister will be a difficult change.

I thought about people, and wondered if we will ever all get along, or if I will be able to make friends in my travels around the world.

I thought about my exams, and then realized I had to study a bit more for bio, and start studying for physics.

I thought about more too, but circumstances are not right for me to write my other thoughts yet.

The lightest snow is falling now, or at least is drifting around in the air. It's the sit-by-a-window-with-your-thoughts-and-your-tea sort of snowfall.

My thinking will be postponed till after these exams, and then I will see where they are at.


  1. and i shall wait for further thinking.

    psh boys. me and you will travel around the world.. me with my dog and you with your house and by house i meant horse but i thought it was funny so i left it...
    and all shall be swell!

  2. aah! yeah! thanks for also being an awesome roomie!