Thursday, April 9, 2009


I could really go for something baked right now. Brownies or muffins or something. Maybe I can make something when I get home (my mother is coming in an hour or so and I'm staying at home for a week!).

I think I would also like to go to a concert. Anyone want to go see Coldplay on July 30th?

I'm very bored with my existence right now. Yesterday I just lounged about, wrote an exam, and continued lounging. I hope to go to the barn today after I'm home. If I don't I'll likely go nutters.

Hopefully, with moving back home, some issues I've been having will resolve, such as constantly feeling ill, constantly being bored, constantly eating junk food, and never doing anything. Those are all issues.

Oh man, I'm totally baking when I get home. That is final!

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