Monday, March 28, 2011

Some days I'm ok with being alive where and how I am. Today was one of those days.
I had a lovely evening out last night with the young adults group from the church I go to. We had mad airsoft-ing for like two hours and it's the first time I've felt comfortable in a group of people my own age for a very long time. I did say some things which I now wish I hadn't, but I'm doing what I can to move past that.

Today I went grocery shopping (yay food!) and watched internet tv with the roomie, and then went to my invertebrates lab and had a weirdly fun time with the guy who sits across from me, just goofing around. I made two new facebook friends and went rock climbing with my rock climbing buddy.

And now I'm sitting here eating banana chips and delaying my studying. I have 12 hours till one exam and 19 hours till another one. I suppose I'll get cracking.

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