Monday, February 28, 2011


My severe mood swings frustrate me. On Saturday I was happy as a... whatever... and now I feel like crap.

I know it's partially due to the cold I've got and that I didn't sleep well and going back to school sucks and so on, but I just feel so thoroughly miserable. I don't want to cheer up, even. The beautiful weather is stupid. This is all stupid.

What flipped that switch from up to down? I don't know how to flip it myself. I don't particularly care at this point. Cookies are stupid. Colds are stupid. People are stupid. Hugh Jackman is stupid. Movies are stupid.

Just crap. All of this. Grar.


    less crappy.

  2. duuuude, i hear ya. as soon as the grump sets in (quite quickly) it feels like nothing or no one could possibly make me feel better and i just hate everything. but then three hours after moping about im suddenly chipper again. WHAT GIVES!! I WANT PARABOLIC MOODS, NOT SCATTER PLOT!!