Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Social Anxiety Support Group

Was freaking miserable. Do not want at all.

Lady would ask a question and no one would say anything. I hate those moments because I've got the answer in my head, or my idea, and I want to say it but I will NOT speak if no one else is. Screw that.

I was ridiculously tense the entire time and one poorly-timed blink away from crying. I thought I was gonna explode. It was almost as bad as church. I've still got a headache and the jitters and the weepies from the tension.

I am frustrated as well that the tension makes me tear-y. I hate that when communication is most critical to me it gets all screwed up by me bursting into tears. What the heck, body? Just keep it together while we talk to the nice people and you can fall to pieces all you want when you get home. Srsly.

Basically, I think the group is stupid. I was stressed out, bored, annoyed, and now I can't stop thinking about the stupid things I said.

Screw this.

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