Monday, October 4, 2010


I just had half of one. If I have a whole cigarette at once I am unable to walk.
Nifty conversion chart: 1 cigarette = 8 scotch

It's kind of lovely that I don't mind living in a city right now. I don't mind that I have lost my wallet. I don't mind that my rent cheque for the month bounced because I am not clever enough to get my visa billing sorted right.
Money, the city, and me. All very temporary things. Like smoke. Diffusing away to insignificance.

I am completely useless right now, and for the next 20 mins probably. I will sit on the couch and stare at nothing and pet Robo-Kitty and wait until my ability to give a crap returns.

This habit would destroy my productivity if I were going to keep it up. Fortunately, that was my last one. I have 4 Djarum Black cigarettes up for grabs. Maybe I will keep them here for visitors.

Diffusion, mmmmm...

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