Saturday, October 23, 2010

Severe book angst attributed partially to The Kite Runner and a little bit to the fact that I've had damp feet since about 3 this afternoon.

I think The Kite Runner is a very good book. I do not like it.

I am spying on people to make myself feel better. The one person I'm spying on is aware of my creeping. He is teaching a chick math. He is very good at communicating. High five, sir.

Christmas is starting!I saw festive things at the mall today and it heightened the angst.

I read Fifth Business this past week and there was a small blurb about how Jesus is a god for youth. I am looking at an old gentleman right now, and I think I know what Davies meant by that. Melancholy is not an ailment of the young.

Replacement mothers are not easily enough accessible here. Rrrrr...

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