Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This past week a high school friend emailed me and said she was trying to organize a goodbye get together because she's going to germany for 8 months. I wasn't particularly close to this person but I emailed back and said I would be there. Apparently I was one of 2 to get back to her.

She's like a super nice person with plenty of friends, so I didn't really expect that tonight when I showed up that I would be the only person there, but that's how it goes. And I considered flaking out too. I felt really bad. I hope that she isn't sad or feel like no one cares about her.

We had fun, too. We watched a silly Patrick Dempsey movie. Mega lolz....

My little sister started high school today. She's so old! Wow. I'm so old.

I went out today with another friend from high school that most of the group of us had written off as a psycho witch and we all figured she didn't like us. Turns out that while she's not the most sensitive or considerate person, she would always have liked to hang out.

I have thinking to do.

Why am I getting texts about a family meeting with my friends?

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  1. Lol. I have no idea why he called it a family meeting.
    I don't know WHO would play WHAT role if we were a family...gag?
    Don't you just love thinking?
    (I never thought she was a psycho witch! hee hee tooting my own horn)