Monday, September 28, 2009

I must say that Addea (I totally used that nickname!) and I are excelling in sneakiness last night.

We have contrived a very good plan. Hurrah

But right now it is raining in the beautiful splashy way. I'm in a house that is about 150 years old and listening to the rain on the roof and the driveway and running down the house. I'm staying with a friend for a few days because most of the family that owns the house is out of town. She's actually out seeing them off right now, and i feel a little bad for chilling in bed, but I think I would be in the way.

Autumn rain is different from other kinds of rain. Summer storms have beauty in their violence, but the unpretentious, steady rain in the fall is my favourite. In spite of it being very, very cold I like to muck about in it.

I'm listening to this family get up and get ready. Some of the kids are getting ready for school, and the rest are getting ready to go on vacation for a week. It reminds me of when my family was all still home. I miss the era when we were old enough to enjoy each other but none of us had moved out yet. It was a very small window of time, of course, but I liked very much hanging out with my brothers.

This family is different from mine though. Their dad is home a lot more than mine was, and their mother is home a lot less. I don't know whether that would explain their peculiarities or not, but I'll certainly be pondering it. I actually like these kids, which is weird in every way. Mainly cuz there are 9 of the suckers between the ages of 17 and 5. Their nanny has done wonders with them since I first met them...

Oh yah...
Apologies to anyone who thought this blog would contain anything important or relevant to life!

*edited to add* Oooh! Lightning!

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  1. Is it pronounced a-Dee-uh, or ADD-ee-ah? I love it either way.

    sneakiness needs to succeed at all costs.
    You wouldn't have been in the way, just, the kids have no self control :P

    I wonder sometimes too what these kids would have been like if they were raised a little bit differently on the main parental front.