Sunday, September 20, 2009

I am actually driving myself up the wall with my inability to make new friends/ socialize at all outside the people that already know me.
I just get so nervous meeting new ppl that i say the dumbest things and come off as a wing nut or jerk.


Today I read the Chrysalids before church and then the preacher was talking about purity and I kinda freaked out in my mind.

Yeeeeeaaa.... I'm a nut job.

In like 5 years when all the friends I have now are married and have their own busy lives I'm going to be sitting in a crap old apartment somewhere, trying to finish school, and talking to my pet hedgehog about youtube comedians and it will suck.


  1. h'oh man. thats too bad. i will help you make friends? blah. its like i love you man! but no, dont sit in your apartment with your hedgehog...come hang out with me!!!