Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pleasant night

I really had a good night at work. Actually last night was also pretty slick. Sunday night was an atrocity because it went slower than a turtle with no legs walking up a greased window pane.

But last night (aka Monday night) I was just labelling bags with my partner who is a pretty interesting guy. He likes to talk, which is pleasant. Apparently he's worried that his girlfriend is cheating on him with another girl. Hmmm.

Then tonight (aka Tuesday night or wednesday morning) I was feeling crappy before work so I took some Pepto Bismol and it WORKED AMAZINGLY and I FELT FINE! So that was really awesome. Then things kept going wrong. Mechanically, I mean. When stuff goes wrong at work, I get perkier while every one else gets angry. I don't know whether I'm actually enjoying myself or if I'm just spiteful. Either way, I was so happy I kept humming songs to myself. Then at about 7am the guy in charge of scheduling came around and told me I'm now hired on as a full time employee, so I'm making super $$! yaay!!! and I got my time off in october to go to Quebec, and I got my time off moved around appropriately for next week.
I came home and had clam chowder for breakfast. I was thinking about how nicely all that stuff worked out, and how the universe must be my friend today. Then I thought about how weird it is that the universe exists. How did that happen? And then I thought about how weird it is that existence exists.

And then my brain exploded.
In a happy way.

I feel goooood.

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