Monday, September 21, 2009

"The Sea" by Owen Pallett (aka Final Fantasy)

I love this song. It sits gracefully on the edge of being a jig or similar folk dance and looks into a sort of confusion of sounds that wouldn't make sense. It's like the sea itself. The surface makes sense, only because it rests on something that doesn't.

I also love Shane Koyczan again. I listened to "The Crickets Have Arthritis" today and it made me cry but made me also want to go out and live life. Then I remembered I have a job.
Working seems to get in the way of living, but then I remembered it's up to me to live at work just as it's up to me to live everywhere else.

Every time I listen to music that I like (right now it's Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie) I wonder why angry people exist and why life is such a hurry. Then I look at my laptop and my nice room and realize that it's so selfish of me to think that everyone should be as happy as I am in that moment. There are people who will never have a chance at this sort of life because I'm taking it up, and I feel like a jerk for taking it up.

This reaffirms my idea that I have no need for an iPod. Screw me.
Why am I spending money on travelling when people need food to survive. Argh.
Pink Bullets by The Shins

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  1. i love pink bullets

    ...good one vanessa...