Saturday, June 20, 2009


I finished reading it yesterday, because someone said I can't judge it until I've read it.

I found little good in it. Bella has 0 personality and 2 character traits: clumsiness (which is waaaay over the top) and inexplicable mood swings (kiss me! no, piss off! no, marry me! no, i'm gonna slap you! honestly, she is just angry for no reason)

I hate the words 'smolder' and 'grimace' now.

A friend showed me this tonight and I thought some others might find it entertaining. I especially enjoyed that last bit 'Duskiness'.

What I really didn't appreciate, which has been pointed out by critics over and over, is that Bella allows this guy to totally push her around and manipulate her. That's an unhealthy precedent for the tweens reading it even if she is a pathetic, whiny, angry, incredibly stupid weiner. A hott guy should still be completely denied if he messes with your mind like that, watches you while you sleep, and throws temper tantrums.

I think it's interesting that this was written by a Mormon woman. I don't know Stephanie Meyer in any way, but I know Mormon culture does have a lot of male dominance issues. This could be why Edward Cullen is such a douche and Bella seems to be ok with it.

I did think that Meyer's conception of the vampire was more easily acceptable in the book than in the movie. I had an easier time ignoring my "IT SHOULD NOT SPARKLE" reflex.

As for the writing itself, it was nothing exceptional either way. It was like a 12th grade creative writing assignment. If this had been a high schooler's summative project for an english class, it would have been very acceptable. As an international bestseller with a movie deal and 3 sequels, it was not. The adjectives were appalling in a very funny way. Congrats, Ms. Meyer, you know how to use a thesaurus.

I will not argue with it, though. I'm not a writer of fiction myself, and it's difficult to come up with an alternative to reality that people will appreciate. It was a valiant attempt. I think what the author needed was a better editor or a writing coach to help her refine her ideas and words. Oh, and a plot introduced before page 372 would have been nice....

I watched Indy Jones 4 tonight.
It was sooo dumb. A spacheship? Really? Aliens? I never likes the Indiana Jones movies, but this was a blow to the franchise industry. Just 'ouch' overall. I will say it was fun to see the High Chancellor from V for Vendetta as an insane old hippie. Hehe.

I also want to add that I love guitars, friends with musical skills, and campfires. I like Jason Mraz a little. He's too popular for me to love, but good enough for me to respect.
Anyway, I might sleep some. I might not.

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