Sunday, June 28, 2009


I did something I was meaning to do for a while. I went and searched out some new good music.
After a while, even the Beatles, Jack Johnson, and the Decemberists need an airing out.

So here are the new additions to my library, all of which I paid for!!!

The album "Who Do You Think You Are" by Canadian duo Dala. I really like the 2-part harmony thing they have going. My fave song thus far is "Hockey Sweater".

"St. Francis" and "New Years" by Toronto band Ohbijou. I heard the latter song on the Vinyl Cafe this morning and really liked it. I looked up the other one on youtube. I like the lead singer's voice. It's very pretty and unexpected.

"The Past and Pending" by the Shins. I just found 3 songs by this band on my iTunes and LOVED them so I poked around on youtube and found another one that I really liked.

"Fire On The Mountain" by Asa. I actually knew of her before because the BBC did a write up on her and I dloaded her song "Jailer" and I loved it. She's got a really beautiful, unique voice. I think she's from Malawi... Anyway, it's really catchy.

I got "Career Suicide" by the Cliks and "Nuit Sans Lune" by Richard S├ęguin for free off iTunes because they're the "feature of the week" or something. I like them both, surprisingly. I'm now going to get all of the weekly features.

"Her Morning Elegance" by Oren Lavie was suggested to me by a friend, so I looked it up on youtube and the music video was brilliant. So I downloaded it and I like it. If you're interested in the music video...

Anyway, if you're looking for some nice indie/folk types music I think these are all really pleasant

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  1. I went to see that ohbijou last year at a bar because my friend loved them.
    needless to say i dont recall them playing, nor does she, as we literally drank that bar dry.
    they had no rum, crown royal or vodka left and only shitty beer.
    but i think it was a good show... lol