Thursday, June 18, 2009

As much as I love music, some of it can make me angrier than I think is healthy. My mother is listening to this Easy Listening Christian Internet Radio in the next room. It irritates me a lot.... rrrgh.

I don't know why Christian music pisses me off like this. I'm probably secretly a horrible person. It just seems so insincere and pop-ish.

I love sincerity in anything. I love sincerity more than truth, actually. Think on that one.
But I love when people communicate what they mean. This sounds flaky, now that I think of it. Speaking is the lowest form of communication, I think. Art is more. This whole idea is still new to me, so it's coming out sounding really wheird.

I'll clarify it at another time.


I'm going to Milton and possibly riding my horsie for the first time in a long time and going to hang out with a friend tomorrow and I just want to be out of this insincerely pop-ish house. I need to break the neck of something....

I've honestly been compulsively Rubik's Cubing for the past 3 days just to not have a meltdown.

I'm almost good at it :D

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