Saturday, June 13, 2009

I had a trippy dream

First of all, I was at the beach with my family or going there or something. I was pissed off about it, so I took the table we had brought along (one of those white patio ones) and hid it in the forest. A park ranger came along and gave us a fine because our boat was too large. We went home then and we were unpacking our car. Then I saw this little boy with red hair do a zombie walk out of our breezeway washroom towards me. Later I saw a little blonde girl do the same, but they were ghosts. My whole family kept seeing different ones.
Then I was having a party or something and my old piano instructor from camp came and like was being really weird cuz all of his friends were there teasing us in a good way. Then I got a cheque from him for like a couple thousand dollars and I was very confused. I asked his friend about it and he said something about that being nothing compared to the house. I asked what house and he said that Jason (the piano instructor) was giving me his grandmother's house that he had inherited so that he could avoid the taxes on it. I was totally not believing him but then I went to see it and it was AWESOME. A little bit like deanna's house crossed with what I imagined the house was like in the book "The Secret Garden". I was just hanging out and then this old grandmother-y lady who turned out to be living there was talking to me. There were all these animals that were tame and would hang out with me and my favourite was the mole. At least, I saw a lot of him. But there were birds and cats and worms (???) too.
Anyway so one day I met this zombie in the house. There were a lot of them actually. Both guys and girls just chilling around. But one day I was formally introduced to one and we shook hands and he was really nice and had a jamaican accent, so when he said his name I didn't quite catch it. I said "I'm sorry, did you say your name was Eric?" and he opened his mouth really wide with this shocked expression and his head dropped backwards and his neck ripped open so that he looked a little like a garbage can. I was freaking out and the grandmother person said it's because I gave him the wrong name. Then he started overflowing with chicken noodle soup.
I think there was a subplot in which a whole bunch of not nice animals were trying to invade the house and the mole and I had to fight them off. I think we were trying to enlist the help of the zombies when I talked to "Eric".

Ahaha, analysis anyone?


  1. LOL.
    I wish I had dreams as trippy as yours.
    I just have weird ones involving the kids and all you guys being weird.

  2. i scanned this for a moment, not really reading it because i'm tired, but then the words "overflowing with chicken noodle soup" caught my eye and I laughed.