Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I return!

Because it's harder to stay away when you say you won't.
I would like to point out that many of my blogging buddies seem to be on undeclared vacations. That's cool, of course, but my compulsive checking of their blogs every 20 minutes is becoming somewhat depressing.

I've enjoyed this little break. It won't be the last though. I find my ability to stay "centered" and in touch with my actual mind is deteriorating over time. I don't know if that's because of age or because of media. Every time I read a book or watch a movie or listen to a song, it gets played back 6000000000000 times, so watching endless youtube clips makes it hard for me to find where my actual thoughts begin and the endless playback leaves off.

Life is fine, btw. I'm not angsty, just tired.

I watched Twilight again on my laptop, after seeing the trailer for New Moon on youtube.
I actually didn't mind the first half hour. Even up to like 45 mins was ok. After a while, though, the "I'm dangerous, stay away" thing from Edward and the constant eye fluttering from Bella became irritating.

OOH! I found out that Cyrano de Bergerac is playing at the Stratford Theatre this summer. This is one of my fave things of all time. I've read my copy of the play like a billion times, and every time the beautiful words make me feel so happy and so sad that I feel like 2 seperate beings, each feeling one thing completely. Anyone else want to come? It will be sensational, I think. The only thing I'm worried about is that it uses a different translation of the play (it's origially in french) than I have, and I adore the words used in mine. I have faith that Edmond Rostand's genius will remain unchanged. So yah, if you want to go, I would LOVE to introduce you to the amazingness that is Cyrano de Bergerac.

Instead of blogging these past weeks, I wrote what I thought in a word processing document and just saved it. Now that I re-read those bits, I'm happy I didn't post them mostly. I'm trying to refocus on thinking as a passtime, and they were more just thoughts that happened, not thoughts I worked out. Anyway.

I will say though, I want to found a city, and I want to name it Munchkinland.

I was thinking of going to the library and getting the Twilight book from there because I told someone a while ago I would read it and give it a chance. I'm scared that when I show up there they will say I have $300 in late fees and not let me leave without paying. I'm waiting for my paycheck to come in, heh.

Amie moved her horses to the barn where Jemma is on Monday! Now, with any luck, we will see each other from time to time!

Also, (I never thought I could think this) I miss living in res. I don't at all miss the drunk people and messes, but I miss hanging out in my room with my awesome roomie and talking about stuff. And eating and sleeping whenever I want. I also don't miss that bed. Frik those were uncomfy!

I think I will stop yakking about nothing now and go to the barn, and then go back to sleep. Yay sleep!


  1. i would love to go. i love any theatre.

    and i have the first twilight if you want to borrow it.

  2. Oooh, i would also love to go! Haha! And i miss that part of res too. :(

  3. Omg, I totally wanna see Cyrano. I will see if my sister can hook us up with tix ;)
    ooh, btw, sorry to say, but I think Munchkinland was already taken by that Frank guy who wrote the Wizard of Oz...
    just sayin'.