Saturday, June 25, 2011

This evening, for the first time in my life, I went out for purely social time with co-workers. I'm really proud of the progress I've made this summer with making friends at the factory. I don't really understand how taking one little white pill every morning makes it possible for me to talk to people and make friends like a normal human. I don't feel like it's not me, though. It's like the drugs have changed everyone else, not me. The people aren't scary any more. They don't think I'm weird any more. They don't judge me as much any more.

We went to McCabe's and had some drinks and we all work at 9:30 tomorrow morning. I probably won't be hungover. First Jaggerbomb today! I think the caffeine is doing much worse things to me than the alcohol. Red Bull makes my tumbly so angry!

The one girl who was gonna come out with us wasn't feeling well, so she went home. She is kind of like me in that she has a difficult time with people. I am really glad that we've become friends, because she doesn't seem to have a lot of other people in her life. It's kind of just her and her boyfriend, which I don't think is a good place to be in if you run into trouble.

This evening is a happy one for me. I can do it. I can make friends. All that remains to be seen is whether I can get up to go to work in 4 hours...

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