Monday, June 6, 2011

Day off!

Today I didn't have work or school! It's great! I stayed up till 6:30 in the morning playing Heroes of Might and Magic V with my Pauvre Kyle and then slept till noon and now I'm just kicking around the house until my mother drives me back to Guelph. Tonight Vee and her mister and Calvin and I are all gonna go out to the Mongolian Grill for supper! It will be so yummy!

I guess it's partially because of the weather that I'm in such a glorious mood. Yesterday was so beautiful and pleasant! My father and I called up friends and cousins and went to play beach volleyball at the Conestogo Community Centre. Chocolate milk and watermelon on the front lawn afterward. I really enjoy my cousins' company. We all just sit around and chat and giggle and I feel like a normal person. It's satisfying; it's surreal.

Next week will be the kick-off of a shiny new podcast: The Mildly Entertaining Show with T and B, otherwise referred to as the MES. Links to the RSS and (eventually) the iTunes download will be provided soon! It will be an approximately weekly look into our lives and thoughts and will feature some awesome discussions about THINGS THAT YOU LIKE! You should be as excited as I am :D

T and I had an interesting chat this weekend on the importance of names, and the psychology of them. I am big on the importance of names, which is why I have so many names for people. The name I use to refer to someone denotes how I am feeling about them at the time, because to me a name encapsulates my perception of them as a being. I am going to use Vanessa as an example because I have lots of names for her, and because I don't think she will mind. Here is a guide to what I'm thinking when I use one of her many names!
Vee: She is my good buddy ol' pal. We're comfortable hanging out, we have the same interests, we don't take stuff to seriously but we can tell each other what we're thinking.
Vanessa: She's my goofy, crazy room mate who is always up to hilarious hijinks. She says thoroughly inappropriate things about cripples and embarrasses herself while entertaining all the rest of us.
Van: She existed more in high school. Van is polite and shy and generally goes along with the crowd. She listens way more than she talks, and is off daydreaming for 90% of the conversation.
Vaness: Is takin' care of business! Going running, doing dishes, paying bills, and generally being thoroughly useful. Vaness is cool because she can deal with stressful situations and is good at solving problems and organizing things.
Do you see how I mean? People's names mean something about them, but they also mean something about the person using them. I coloured them because colours are fun! Also, because like the different parts of people, colours can all be really cool while being really different.

(Hope you don't mind my shocking exposé of you here, buddy! You're the best!)

I'm gonna go outside and try to get some sunshines! Hurrah!

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  1. Holy wow! Thanks, bro! :) I really appreciate your kind descriptions! You're the best, and by far the bestest roomie!! Exclamation marks!!