Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I've recently discovered a feature on Blogger that lets me check how many people actually read each blog post. I'm actually surprised at how many page views I get each month.
That being said, I don't know how many of these are just the same people compulsively clicking over the this site.
So, if you don't mind, I want to try and assess who is kicking around here. If you are a somewhat regular reader, let me know what you think of the new layout via comments. You don't have to leave a name or anything if you don't want.

In regards to the new layout, I wanted something a little more cohesive. I didn't like the 5 colour, 3 font scheme that was going on. I like green, so I kept it. I'm still unsure about the blackness. I feel like it gives it too much of an 'emo' tone or something. I really like the way everything is all aligned in this one, and the black-text-on-grey-box for the posts. It's not too hard to read or anything is it? I think its nicer for night reading now. I hate opening a wobsite that is predominantly white when I've just woken up or when I'm sleepy. Burny retinas.

Another thing I want to point out is that I do cater to the people who read this to some extent. I know that a lot of people think it's a silly way to live life; changing how you act around different people is seen as a form of dishonesty. However, I think that if I said everything I thought all the time I would be in very big trouble. I filter the way I present myself, and I think that it is a fair approach to relationships (unless you're getting married to the person (which I'm not (and certainly not to any of you))). If I know what sorts of people are checking up on me here, I will try to put in things of interest to those sorts of people. Don't think that by not telling me you're around you'll get a "more honest" representation of me in here. No matter who I'm talking to there will be filtering. It's not an issue of more or less honesty, but rather sometimes there's things you don't want to hear from someone, and I would like to facilitate everyone's comfort.

I will not straight up lie, of course. Editing out some things is a good way for me to assess my actions and thoughts.

Somehow, after typing that all out, I think I'm a rotten person. Is filtering cheating? Crap.
I just want people to like me. That's what it all boils down to, sadly enough. Is that wrong? I think it is probably wrong. Not morally really, but in a "Life: you're doing it wrong" sense.

Anyway, comments or suggestions for the layout would be awesome!


  1. yooo, becs. Man, I totally filter myself with certain people. And lately I've noticed that i change the way i speak drastically with some friends. I dont think it's cheating. it's just accommodating for certain people's interests. eg: when i talk to this one girl at work, i say things like, "omg, no way! thats sooo crazy!" and i sound a bit like a ditz... but whatever, i wouldnt be able to talk to her otherwise, right? i'm just conveying or communicating my thoughts in a different way.
    ps, i like the black on grey. not too sure about the black outside though...but i cant think of a nice dark colour that would be any better.

  2. People who expect that anything posted on the internet to be completely true are silly and deserve to be mislead. I like the colour-scheme but it's difficult to read.
    All and all, keeping rambling about you're deliciously nonsensical and meaningless life, my friend! It keeps me entertained :)