Friday, January 7, 2011

I am bad at life

Here is an example:

Yesterday I was sitting in the University Centre lap-tapping away, getting stuff done for housing next year. It was maybe 130pm, and I had to meet a girl to sell a textbook at 230. I left Jam Haus early to avoid the landlady, because she was showing it to some prospective tenants.

Out of the blue a guy walked up to me and just struck up conversation. Wishing to be polite, I went along with it, chatting about majors and school based things. He asked me straight up if I smoke pot, which I thought was a strange thing. And he asked if I wanted to get lunch. I excused myself, saying I had to meet my landlady to talk about something. He said ok, but would I want to hang out tomorrow (as in today). I am spineless and don't like to make people sad, so I said sure. He asked for my number, and I gave it to him.

After freaking out very hard for a while, I talked to some helpful people who said this was a good thing and that it's ok. It was decided that lunch can't hurt.

So today at around 1130 he called and asked if today was fine for lunch. I said sure, and we met at this Chinese place. About 15 minutes into the conversation it became apparent that we had absolutely NOTHING in common. It was difficult to hold up conversation because he didn't believe in follow up questions and just moved from one topic to the next like he was checking them off a list. He also kept talking about how he like cooking and had worked as a massage person and that if i was "nice" he would give me one. So peculiar.

Lunch over with, he invited me to his place to watch The Hangover. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I had seen it twice and didn't like it at all. So we went to his house and he kept making a big deal about hugs (bad sign right there eh?). I told him I had to be home fairly soon because my roomie and I were gonna go look at a house to rent. About 3 minutes into the movie he straight up tried to hold my hand and I was like "Watch the movie" and he was all "Don't you like to cuddle" and I was like "I'm not a very touchy person". He seemed to lose all hope at that point and I left pretty soon after that.

I'm actually kinda giggling to myself about it. Who does that? Just walks up to a chick, asks her out to lunch, and expects to get cuddles out of it? Do I come across as a particularly easy or cuddly sort? I must be losing my sharp edges. I like my sharp edges.

So I have learned that people are ridiculous, and some of them deserve to be shot down immediately, before they get any silly ideas. Also have remembered that I am very bad at saying no to people. I very much hate to disappoint.

Right now though, I'm pretty chipper. This whole thing kinda cheered me up, and off to see TRON! tonight with the good people that I like.

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