Friday, January 22, 2010

So I had my second psychotherapy session today and I suppose this is a peculiar thing to say but I really enjoyed it.
We talked about emotions and how I have difficulty identifying and expressing them. I don't have problems with the big obvious ones. I know when I'm angry or happy or scared but the reason I often feel like I'm some sort of emotionally unstable roller coaster is that I don't detect the subtle emotional stages between "just normal" and rage. She told me I need to find words for all the less noticeable stages in between and it will help. So I now haz wHeel!
I know it is weird of me to talk about emotions and so forth. It feels a little pecuilar because I'm not used to it and a little unsure. It is good for me though. Maybe I won't be so socially challenged if I can get this sorted out?

Edited to add: My mother just told me (only a day late) that my brother's fiancee had the second baby yesterday! Her name is Elora, no middle name yet, and she's all healthy and stuff. Apparently though Monique had like blood transfusions and and mad problems and nearly died. But she is ok now. My mother didn't seem too concerned, which is kind of worrisome to me....


  1. Her middle name should be Dannen (google them together)
    (lol, sorry I'm such a dork)
    Yay for wheel! I hope it gets you feeling better :)

  2. Congrats on being an aunt for the second time!