Monday, January 25, 2010

Scientifically confirmed

My subconscious is a hopeless romantic.

I had a crazy real dream that should have been a movie. Allow me to tell it to you. I should point out that this makes 3 consecutive dreams about romantic types of things.

I was at a school, but it was the holidays. Kind of like staying at a boarding school over Christmas. Some of the students were coming back again for early assignments or activities. We had a really cool day of whale-seeking.
Whale seeking was basically getting a pair of goggles and a bucket of bait fish and swimming through and unrealistically populous ocean looking for whales. I did see a cuttlefish though. It was very psychadellic. My brother's fiancee was with me (evil bible school chick) and I had to go with her because she was sick and didn't get to go with everyone else.
When we came back there were these older men that were cleaning the salt out of the school's aquarium filters. There was one old guy who looked really sad so we were suddenly friends and he gave me extra fish so that I had a better chance of seeing whales.
Anyway, the next day I was running around trying to find someone to hand an assignment to and I was suuuuper stressed because it was important. I was going to look in the basement of this old chapel when I found out there was a choir practice going on there. I was passing through when I noticed my once and future roomie (I know, whaaaa?) was in the choir. She also had a really weird solo and she did a little dance. It was a kids' song too, but I can't remember which.
There were also two really notable guys in the choir. One I knew, and he could sing really spectacularly and I could hear him stand out underneath all the female voices. The other one I just recognized as a new guy in the school. We made eye contact as the roomie was finishing up her solo and it made me squiggle inside, but I didn't know why.
Then I continued searching around the chapel for this person to give the assignment to and I accidentally came out of a door onto a walkway behind the choir. (They were all seated like movie theatre style with the back really high up so I could actually see everyone from both the front and the back.) Anyway, I had been humming to myself and as soon as I realized the choir was there I stopped. Someone finished the musical phrase though, which startled me because not many people know the song "How Could I Ever Know" from the Secret Garden. It was the new guy and we were looking right at each other.
I scampered away again.
Choir practice was over then, and I was still looking for this assignment person. I was walking up these stairs when I realized new guy was walking down them toward me. We kind of stopped when we got to each other. Then we both said hi and started talking. I completely forgot about the assignment and I didn't care that people were waiting on me in other places. The only important thing was this peculiar connection with this guy.
At first it was really weird to talk. We didn't know if we had anything in common. I knew we would get along great as soon as he said that he "had never had this kind of mystical connection to someone before." I really enjoyed the way he talked. We were leaning on a wall in the evening just talking about everything.
I enjoyed his conversation so much that I ws annoyed to wake up. I was also annoyed because I woke up at like 12 noon exactly after only 3.5hrs of sleep. Who does that?

Anyway, it is strange to me that in my dreams I am a romantic. I'm probably repressing all that in my waking mind.

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