Saturday, July 25, 2009


By Laura Marling
It's playing on my iTunes. I'm looking outside, and it's so dreary and I really would like some nice warm dry weather.

In spite of the rain yesterday and today, I had a blast "camping" with our cousins visiting from B.C. Our family and their family and a family that's friends with both of us all went to this like personal campground from someone's grandparents and it was sick. A swim-able pond, volleyball, a closed pavillion, a fire pit, the works. It was fun to hang out with my cousin Jono. He's 3 years younger than me but skipped a grade so he's entering grade 12 this year. I think that if his family had lived closer then me and him and our other cousin Laura would all have been tight. He's good at talking, too. Not that he talks a lot, but he's a good conversationalist (and uuuuuuber preppy, lol. my sister beats on him). I may fly to B.C. next summer and drive him back here so he can visit my family and the other family he knows. Speaking of which, I also really likes this other family. The oldest one (of 3 girls) didn't talk much. She read a lot and drank tea. Sound familiar? The next oldest one is a sports nut and really chatty but in a fun way. They go to EDSS so we whined about teachers and whatnot. I didn't really hear from the youngest one but she seemed really cool also. I've decided that our family should hang out with theirs more because I can actually stand them....

I've found it's really uncommon that I meet people that I actually like instantly. Maybe I was just been in the mood for it this weekend. I also don't usually enjoy my family, but I liked having my cousins here. I also had a fun chat with my aunts about university. My one aunt told me about how she had no idea what she wanted to do until like 3rd year so she just took random stuff. She said she thought about being a vet, but she's allergic to literally everything.

I love my aunts :)
and cousins :)
I've had a happy weekend thus far :)

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