Friday, July 10, 2009

I should start making these into movies

My dreams, that is.
When I have them, which is not frequent, they are extremely vivid. This one I actually totally believed, which weirded me out.

So, my dream:

I couldn't sleep. I was tossing and turning. My blanket was too hot, but I can never sleep without it. Eventually I just got up. Someone texted me and asked to hang out, but I had to say no because I had to go get something somewhere. I was driving back from the place on a road that was like the one to Grand Bend, but I had the sensation I always have when driving home from Wellesley. I always feel like I'm going to be lost because I'm certain I'll miss a turn in the dark. There was a sense of a storm in the air. Maybe it was windy, but it was still warm. I was speeding by a considerable margin. Suddenly I saw a road and thought it was the turn I wanted. I tried to make the turn but I was going far to fast and as I whipped the car around it skidded into a tree/oncoming vehicle. I saw all this from an exterior perspective. I saw myself outside of the car and I was freaking out. I knew Ben was going to KILL me. The car looked like a crumpled up piece of paper. I asked the guy who had helped me out of my car (although I don't remember that part specifically) if he thought I could drive it home. He said something about the chassy and that no, I couldn't. I had known it was wishful thinking anyway. I called my dad eventually. He said that I would have to pay for all of it and he asked me if I had been speeding. I said no. I got home somehow and went pack to bed. I didn't want to wake up because if i did I would have to worry about all this. How was I going to pay that kind of money? Ben was still going to kill me... At least I have a job... Do I need to go to work at some point? Maybe they'll let you call in sick because of the accident. What day is it? ... Thursday. What time? I don't know. What time did you get home from that incident? Wait, Thursday? I was going to hang out with Vanessa on Thursday. I did hang out with Vee, and Deanna for that matter. Then I came home and.... fell asleep. That was a dream, wasn't it...
Thank goodness.

I wonder what I did to my subconcious to make it do that to me. It was very unpleasant.

It may have scared me enough to make me not speed as much. One has no idea how scary car crashes are until one is in a screeching, creaking, crumpling car.

Oh well. I really don't appreciate dreaming, to tell the truth. I feel like if my body has to shut up for a few hours, the least my mind can do is piss off as well. Also, I think they are indicators of subconcious perceptions, motives, or ideas. I am a firm believer in ignoring my subconcious.

Then again, anyone wishing to analyze this dream may go right ahead.

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  1. I think it should hang with me and let my parents drive :D
    or maybe it's your subconscious telling you to stop wasting money on gas, and needs to scare you horrifically into doing so.