Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is becoming a habit

I had another really odd dream. Here you are, and then I will talk of this most interesting weekend.

I was in a competition. It was not unlike America's Next Top Model, but none of the judges were the same. I didn't actually know who the judges were. But we were in this challenge that we had to select our own outfits from this store (it was closed to the public for this event) and model them to the judges on this stage. It seemed to be in Conestogo Mall, but I think I was in the Guelph Bluenotes. First I couldn't find a bra, then I couldn't find stuff that matched. Everyone else was waaay ahead of me. I finally just chose this stuff and went out to the judging area. I foud an sheet that we were supposed to put our names on to determine the order of judging. There was only one space left so I put my name in and went to wait. I watched a couple of other girls do their thing before they all stood and said it was over. I was freaking out because no one had judged me. I ran around trying to find the judges and ask them what I was supposed to do but I couldn't find an opportunity to talk to them. I ran into this guy from work and somehow knew he had been in the competition but eliminated earlier. He was with that blonde guy from Fight Club and that guy's girlfriend, who I didn't recognize. We started to smack talk a bunch of the other girls. Apparently one of the previous challenges had been piling skids at the pet food factory. The people I was speaking to seemed to be laughing about how pathetic they were. I had a sort of cinematic flashback to when I was in the challenge. I was piling skids with this guy named Dwight that worked with me at Timt Horton's. I said that I did so well because I was working with him and everyone else said that yeah, he was the man.

And then it just kind of ended.

Anyway, I had a pretty crazy weekend. I went to hang out with friends in Stratford. We watched Mulan and The Emperor's New Groove (love!) and Star Wars III. I went to mass for the first time.

It was a Latin High mass, and everything was sung. If I hadn't been so paranoid about appearing lost (I had to follow the people beside me very carefully) I would really have enjoyed it. If I had been invisible and just been there watching it would have been lovely. I liked to look at all the art and pictures and statues (the church had been built in the 1800s). I liked to watch the priest doing all of his procedures up at the front. I liked the soung of the bells a lot. I liked the echoey quality to the singing of the preist and the guy in the back whose title I can't recall. I liked the Latin itself. The feeling of holiness and concern for holiness was new and interesting. In short, because the ritualism is new to me and I've never heard all those words and prayers before, they intrigued me. I was also exceedingly happy when I could sing along with the Kyrie e leison part! I kind of understand what G.K.Chesterton wrote about liking the Catholic Church at first because he liked the "pretty patterns". I also know that I will never believe all that it believes. I wouldn't make a good Catholic.

I think that's enough for now. Back to the regularity of night shifts!

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  1. Lol, I don't get your dreams at all ;)
    I'm glad you could follow along with the latin and stuff! (although, the kyrie, I believe, is Greek?)
    I was terribly afraid you would find it boring :(
    (same for the pauvre, but it's technically his religion he would just have to suck it up--his knees too)