Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I realized I hadn't written anything in a while.
It's not that I haven't been doing anything, it's that I haven't been thinking anything. Since I have nothing deep to share I'll just chatter about my life.

The last 3 days have been pretty solid. I worked 12 hour shifts at the plant to get a little extra $, which will be nice when my brand new visa bill comes in :D
I haven't used it for anything except dental work (which is frekken expensive!) and getting my van towed like 45 km the other day, but that's another story.
I don't mind working the 12 hour shifts actually. I mean, provided I get enough sleep. I only got 5 hours yesterday so on my shift at like 9am I was like falling asleep standing up.
And there is someone at the plant who keeps moving the frekken bookmark in my book! AAAARRRGH!!! So annoying! I think I'm going to quit using it altogether just to piss them off. I can remember page numbers.

Anyway, on the weekend (this is the van story) we were planning to go to Tobermory for the fun of it. We all headed out around 1030 and were plugging merrily along the highway when my van started to make the most outrageous screeching/squealing noise. I pulled over and turned it off, of course, and we had absolutely no idea what to do. Eventually we phoned the CAA and got a tow truck to come. While we waited for it, we took turns reading aloud from Kyle's book The Hogfather by Terry Prachett. I reccommend the first 4 chapters....
Eventually the tow truck showed up and he driver was a very nice person. I also reccommend John's Tow service from Fergus if you are stranded in the area...

I think I'm gonna go read webcomics and watch so you think you can dance with my sister. woot!

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