Sunday, August 2, 2009

Things that make me absurdly happy

I'm compiling this list because I've actually been thinking about it a lot recently. I've been having violent mood swings (fairly normal for me) but some things have helped me stay on the brighter side. Have I blogged about this before? I think I might have. Oh well, you can't really have too much happy....

1: My horse/ the barn. I love being there because I'm usually just by myself and it's super relaxing. Working with Jemma makes me feel like I'm not necessarily wasting my life on youtube.
2: Youtube. All you people who think this constitutes life wasting have never discovered its joys.It has all music ever imagined, all comedy ever imagined, and a lot of just plain weird stuff. Type "Benny Lava" into the search bar and watch the first thing that comes up. I dare you.
3: Comedy. Especially british comedy. If I feel stressed out, this is one of the best ways for me to just release all the anger and whatnot and feel good. Along with this are such shows as Family Guy, That 70's Showw, Scrubs, and Arrested Development.
4: Music. This has always been a bit of a difficult balance to find. If I listen to to much my brain gets all cluttered up and I don't hear any of it. But I love good music. Usually I go in spurts, kinda. Recently I fell in love with Beirut. Actually, I fell in love with the bass player. He has the coolest hat.
5: Friends. That's what they're for. Some more than others though.
6: Caffeine. This is a little sad, but here's the thing: it just makes me feel so at ease and genial and happy. I know that it's a drug rush and all, but that really doesn't matter to me when I'm happy.
7: Food. Especially ribs or steak or ice cream or pie or whatever. Mmmmmm....
So that's that. I'm a little bit annoyed just now because I was thinking about the fact that it's a couples world. Not that I want a boyfriend, but I don't like showing up at events where everyone is all paired up. Makes it awkward(er) for me.

Anyway, this afternoon I'm going sailing with my dad and sisters and my older sister's boyfriend who is visiting from Alberta. Tonight I will prolly go to the drive in in Guelph with a few people. Funfunfun.

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  1. I know I'm posting this over a week after you wrote it, but oh well.
    I'm glad things can make you absurdly happy--that's good :D
    Lol, I go to those things where people are paired all the time. It's rather annoying. I wonder how a nun would feel?
    (It's especially annoying when they ask you if you're with someone at the moment, or expect you to have a long string of lovers tailing after you, haha)