Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mid Vacational Blog

Today we went to the beach for the morning. I wore a bathing suit for the first time in 2 yearsm and shorts for the first time in a year.
I got a pretty nasty sunburn. It feels like my back is going to rip every time I move my shoulders.
So all in all a nice morning.
Then I came home and had a nap.

We saw a bunch of really nice houses today. The town we drove through on the way to the beach wasn't as touristy as Sarasota, but it was still cottage country. Almost 40% of the houses are for sale. The economy here is looking pretty grim. Most of the people my dad has talked to don't really understand what's going on, but almost every industry is feeling the pressure.

This is gonna be a bad couple years. People keep saying they'll wait till all this economic stuff is blown over and it's back to the good times before they buy a house or whatever. I think, though, that we've seen the best of times. The wealth of the North American baby boomers isn't going to come around again. It's all gonna change. I remain unsure of whether i think that's good or bad.

On the upside, if you have money, it's a good time to travel!

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  1. I'm very glad to hear that you are having a fabulous time despite the nasty sunburn. Economy stuff is scary to think about, I just hope I'm able to get into a school and hopefully have some security. Cause bad economy or not, kids gotta go to school right?
    Keep enjoying the vaycay and the warmth :)