Thursday, February 5, 2009

A book

I've commenced to attempt writing one.
Not a novel, of course. I don't really have the imagination.
Just a collection of my thoughts and theories. It's going to be a bit hard to organize, which is why I've started just constructing an outline.
This is really not an endeavour into the publishing industry. I want to do it so that I have some of my brain organized coherently. Also, I'm taking the year off, and I need to keep my english skills up to par!
I'm going to be using material from blogs a lot. Some bits may be actually taken verbatim.

The issue is where to start. I feel as if I should write little paragraph long essays on my little theories and then attempt to organize them coherently. Alternatively, if I start off with what my basic principles and pillars of thought are, I might get a more flowing final product.

Any suggestions?

If I never ever finish this, btw, no one should be too surprised. I'm the Queen of Half Finished Projects.

I'm wishing everyone the type of weather that's been in Guelph the past 2 days. Lovely. Cold as space, but as light as it too!

Yes, space is full of light. We just can't see it because it has nothing to run into. Isn't that a lovely thought? If you could get out into the blackness, you would have sunshine!

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