Monday, February 16, 2009

In Florida

That's right, suckas!!
It's not overly warm in here, actually. But the place we're staying at is AMAZING!!
It's someone's cottage, instead of a hotel. I have my own bed/bath suite, which, i have decided, is the only way to live.
The only shortcoming is that the food has to be stored with caution for fear of ants.
There's a Jacuzzi....
I love the warm!
As for the trip here, it wasn't that bad. Someday I'm going to re-travel to all the places that I went to with my parents, and see how much less stressful it is when my mom isn't freaking out. I fell asleep on the floor at the Chicago airport.
Life = not too shabby just now. And today I apparently learn how to sail! Wooo!
If it goes well, I think I'll convince my dad to buy a sailboat that I can use to impress my friends with my mad skills.

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