Thursday, February 4, 2010

Young Werther

That is the name of the guy in my book.

It is a very good book about his "sorrows" written by a very famous German writer who is universally known as Geothe (pronounced Got-te).
I'm really enjoying his writing style. He's very quotable. My grandfather (who was an interesting fellow all around) more or less worshipped him.

So my life almost killed me this morning! But it got fixed. Allow me to tell...
730: leave work. it is sunny. i am happy
8: get home, talk to my father about Geothe, shower
830: leave house for guelph so i can write my quiz
835: realize in west montrose that i left my wallet at home. (it has my student card and everything in it)
845: get back home
846: trash house looking for wallet whilst hugely freaking out.
910: find wallet in car (aaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!)
912: leave again for guelph in a very pissy mood
935: get to stone road mall. park. wait for bus to school
945: THE MOST CROWDED BUS RIDE EVER!!! it was ridiculous! there were no less than 5 people touching me. i had a guy's elbow on my head.
957: get off bus and book it over to the quiz room
1015: write quiz
1035: wait for quiz to get marked
1040: get called by the TA for marking. the angels were truly in a generous mood the day this guy was born. if i have children, and those children have children, i will teach them to rise up and call this TA blessed. i passed the quiz.
1045: bus back to the mall because i forgot i was meeting v at the school
11: bus back to school
1130: meet v and get fooooood (heart to UoG banana bread!)
1135: meet up with vicki, v's friend (and mine too now by association! yay!)
1140: have a grand old time chatting about various worms (i kid you not)
1: head home.
120: sleep!

What I would like to point out is that if I hadn't lost my wallet and the timing had not worked out the way it did, I wouldn't have passed that quiz. Maybe I would have gotten a different one though. Maybe I would have done better if I wasn't so flustered. I did pass though, and that's all that matters in this course.

So now for work! and then another crazy day tomorrow! i have to be up at 1 to go see Marie (my psychotherapist lady)

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  1. 10:40- the hell ass?

    we have yet to discuss your psychotherapist. perhaps next wednesday. also i have a boy whom you should meet