Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I just want to make a few quick points here.

It annoys me when people eat gross stuff or cut things they like out of their diet just to be healthy. I can understand if you have a predisposition to a certain condition, or allergies, and that food exacerbates them. I mean like people not eating any MSG because it "may increase the risk of cancer" or heart problems or whatever.
Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

I like the Olympics. I don't usually watch sports, but I always have felt that Olympics are more about loving your country and less about loving a sport. I especially like watching the winter sports because ou can see some spectacular skiing wipe-outs. I would not mind staying in on an evening with a couple shots of scotch to keep my tummy warm and some cool sports to watch. Not curling though. I've been watching it for like an hour and I have no bloody idea at all what is happening. Also the commentators for this sport are weenies. Turn on the freestyle aerials! They keep on having dramatic zoom-ins on the bulls-eye. Laaaame!

I enjoy "man conversations". Whenever my dad has his friends over for food or chatting I like to just sit in and listen, because they usually talk about politics or the economy and I like talking about that. My mom's friends talk about people and cooking, which I don't enjoy as much.

Ok that's it for now. Hockey tonight!

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  1. who do i know that's not eating msg...lololz.
    olympics are awesome! although that luger was one wipeout we could have done without, no?