Sunday, February 14, 2010

Professionally Creepy

That is what I am!

There has been, for the past 2 weeks in church, a blonde guy who I never saw before in my life. He just keeps looking at me. It really bothered me last week so today I wanted to make sure it wasn't just me being paranoid so I sat directly behind him. No one looks directly behind them if they aren't trying to see something specific. And he still looked. And I totally glared him down for it. And he totally kept it up. How dare he!

So I took it upon myself to creep him. Fate, it seems, is with me on this one. At church they pass around these papers that you write your name on and pass it on so that everyone you sit with knows who you are. I managed to catch hold of the paper with his name on it. He had checked off that he was in college/university and I took good mental stock of his face.

I looked him up on facebook just now. And I am pretty certain I do not like him for reasons other than his creepiness. All of the pages he was a fan of were conservative politicians. We all know how I can't stand that stuff.

Also, weird lookin'. And my mother may know his family.

But I'm pretty proud of myself for stalking him out. I also googled him, but didn't get anything useful.

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  1. i should google more people. i might learn something interesting