Sunday, February 21, 2010

I had a dream last night. It was a weird mix of Lord of the Rings, the Narnia series, and the olympics.

I was Lucy, basically, and we were on a quest kind of like Lord of the Rings. We were trying to rescue a bunch of kids from orcs or minotaurs or something. There was a pretty epic battle at a castle, and we got a posse of kids there. One of them was a girl from my Bible Study named Janessa, but in the dream her name was Hannah. There were also the two youngest kids from Nanny McPhee. One was named Aaron and the other was Aggie. Hannah was my favourite. Anyway, we went on to rescue a bunch more kids in this battle in a field. I actually don't remember the fighting much. Just the aftermaths.
Anyway, we had rounded up all these kids and we were finally safe. We met in this huge castle and had a big feast, LOTR style, and were given recognition from a lot of great (in the epic sense) people.

Through the entire thing though, only a few metres off, we could see cars on highways, and I knew that we were in the modern world but not allowed to exit our medieval "world" until we finished our task. Think kind of along the lines of that movie where they all think they are in colonial times but really they are just fenced off in the modern world.

When we finished ceremonies at the castle, a big door swung open and we exited onto a sunny, busy, contemporary street with book shops and busses and all the usual details. The kids went nuts.

We were supposed to stay together, of course, because Aslan was going to take all of the children to homes, like adoption placements. I couldn't round them all up though. I went into the one book store and tried to get them out onto the street. I was yelling and they were protesting. They had never seen all the cool things the modern world has before, like soft cover books and tin foil.

There were only a few of us waiting when Aslan came. He was very sad and so was I. Especially because Hannah and Susan had chosen to go to school instead of meeting him. I remember seeing her in a classroom through a window, and it was raining. I wrote Hannah a note later, telling her how I would have loved to see her meet Aslan, and that there was still opportunity for it. Most of the kids were able to be adopted out. This is where the Olympic commentator kicked in.

There were shots of kids hanging out with parents doing different things, while he said their names and where the kids came from. The one I remember specifically was one who was supposed to be hard to adopt out, because there was something not right about him. Not like he was mean or crazy; there was a medical problem. His dad, however, had been Shani Davis: Gold medal speed skater. His adoptive parents (the dad may have been played by Matthew McConaughey) loved to sail, and he was learning to love it too.

At the end a bunch of the kids were taken in by Lynn, my barn manager. I ran in to her house one sunny afternoon and all the kids were sitting eating snacks and doing homework. Lynn looked younger and happier. Hannah was there, and Aaron, and Aggie (who was only a baby). There were two older boys and an older girl whose names I don't remember. The boys and I had been tight though. I greeted all the kids and chatted with them a bit. I also stopped to talk to Lynn, who was very very busy because of the horses and the cats and now the kids. But she was so happy. I was too, but I had to go.

The End.

That dream was unique because it was very emotionally charged. It felt like a movie in that sense, but I was very much in it. And I was sad to wake up because it had just gotten nice.

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  1. AHA! your emotional training is kicking in! interpreting dreams is a good time. methinks you need to tone down the olympic watching. or not.