Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Plan

I have one now. For the next little while, at least.

I will finish this semester. Then I will volunteer at a vet clinic for 2 weeks in april. May 6 I leave for Rwanda, and come back on the 26th or so. Then June 1 I start volunteering again and finish 2 weeks later. Then I work like a madwoman until the end of august, when Emily and I got to the east coast on a random adventure. Then I take the year off school and work and have random trips to random places with Emily.

This plan has been, on the whole, criticized. Why take a year off? Just do it.
You know what, I might finish a year later, but when we're all middle-aged and working, I will have seen the world, and you will not have.

In other news, I'm behind in like all my courses. Wooooohoooo...

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