Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Little Blobbo

That's what my dad calls anyone he feels is not living up to their potential of productivity.
Aka: me today.
I seriously slept till noon, lounged till 5, slept till 7, and am currently lounging again. I am still in my jammies.
  • read a lot
  • facebooked a lot
  • wrote a line of music
  • wrote down important dates for the semester
  • ate a bit
  • looked up the origin of the word "pyjamas"... it's persian/hindi.
  • watched some season 8 scrubs
This is a pretty lame list considering I have homeowrk in pretty much every subject.
But I don't mind. I was pretty stressed a lot of the week, and I think my mind needed some time to sit still/chill. So now I can go to class tomorrow morning and learn!

Sidenote: my dad's two favourite words are blobbo and muck. They sound funny to him. Let's not even ask....

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