Wednesday, January 7, 2009


That's how I'm starting to feel about university life.
It's weird how a few little changes has made me feel so much brighter about this semester.
Instead of latin, I have music. I know I've been oozing about it excessively, but its something I love. It's hard to explain how comforting it is to me. Even if I do terribly in the course, I will love it. And it's almost ok for me to do terribly, because it's not my major or anything. So it's low stress.
I'm in choir now too. Also one of the things that makes me ridiculously happy. It's so therapeutic. I suggest it for anyone who loves music. It doesn't matter if you can't sing splendidly. Just to feel all the voices mixing around you and the resonance of your own voice with the others makes everything inside feel so good.
I like having a bedside lamp (we rearranged our room). I can read just before sleeping then.
I like my tea set from Amie. It's pretty and blue and cheers me up.

Maybe I can get through this whole thing after all. Maybe I can even learn to love it. I hafta just find the bits I love. I also love looking at the snow falling in front of my desk window, and listening to Jack Johnson, and hanging out wiht my roomie.

I really do need to make more friends, though. I seriously talk to like 4 people on campus!! This sounds worse when you realize I live in very close uarters with 11 people.....

OH! and the chem prof from the section I attended was HILARIOUS!!! Imagine a mix between Mick Jagger and Severus Snape. British, skinny, wearing girls' pants, and a bit cracked out acting. And he told us this weird story about how the lead singer of the Who had a fling with his girlfriend. HAH!

I want to have a life like that. I can look back and tell stories that will brighten peoples' days.

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  1. dude, you have some of the most ridiculous stories that I wish I could experience and they make me laugh when I think about them. Like your carrying a box around. Finding a random trailer. And I still love the one where you left little notes on peoples windshields. And university is just like life. Overall, it kinda blow, but it's the little, simple joys that keep us sane. I wish you great luck in searching out more little things that make you happy :)