Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back to School

*I found this draft from back in January and I still like it.*

I really don't want to.
I feel like pulling a Peggy Ann Mckay
Doesn't help that on my last night in town the guys didn't want to hang out.

I've been feeling that so much lately. I don't want to be a negative person, certainly, so it bothers me that I'm bothered by stuff.

I've got a doctor's appointment coming up soon, too. Ack. Hate health professionals! I'm only going because my mom thinks I have a weird disease that's making me gross and fat. Thanks, mother dearest :P .

Things I Am Feeling Positive About:
My new tea set (I got it for christmas and I love it!)
My current socks (the emo hippie ones - black with rainbow smilies)
My financial situation (not in debt!)
My choir audition on tuesday

Oh, and I found out that my oldest brother, the one with the baby, might be going with his girlfriend to Australia to get married. Which is cool. It will make my mom shush up about life in general. And my next oldest brother, the one with the evil girlfriend, is showing no signs of breaking up with her. And my older sister has got a boy on the line. My little sister says I'm next, but I don't want to be! It bothers me (which bothers me) that I'm entering the age of couples. Every fancy dinner and party and wedding I go to, I'll be expected to have a date. And also, I don't get to hang out with just my brother or sister anymore, which I loved. I hafta third wheel it, which I hate.

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