Saturday, May 9, 2009


A lot of people have been blogging about their various fears over the past few weeks. I thought I'd share my main fears and explain them a bit.

1) Spiders. More scared of them than I am of death. I don't know why, I can't help it.
2) Werewolves. Absolutely frekken ridiculous until I'm walking from my car to my house in the dark. There's this dark orchard beside my garage and it faces onto the driveway. I always can imagine it coming out of there. I can explain this fear though. It comes from the book Prince Caspian and the movie Beethoven (you remember? the one about the dog? There was a clip of a guy transforming between a man and a wolf and it scared the schnitzel out of me). How the frik are you supposed to get rid of a fear like that. I know they don't exist....
3) Commitment. We've talked about this before. It's starting to become more of an issue.
4) Losing my mind. In both the crazy sense and the dementia sense. I like my mind very much.
5) Socialness. When I meet people that I really like I get so ridiculously stressed out. I want them to like me, but I just can tell I'm giving a horrible impression. Then, even if I'm not, I get so freaked out that I start to. This is why people shouldn't take me out in public....

I know it's healthy to conquer our fears.
I really don't think I want to work at these though.
Well, maybe the socialness one, because I may be able to do somehting about it.
1) There is no way I'm seekeing frekken professional help for my fear of spiders. Ludicrous.
2) Once again, how the frik....
3) I'm happy with not committing, what's the big deal?
4) I'm not gonna just accept the fact that I might one day be unable to think. I just can't do it.
So I'm not gonna stop being afraid of these things. I'm glad we have that settled.

I had a lot of fun this eve hanging out with Deanna and her underlings, and the guys. It's good to get out of the house. I'm hoping to avoid parentals most of tomorrow...

I was less horribly ill today. I'm really reeeeeealllllly hoping that the LOTR marathon is an awesome time. I'll make it an awesome time, whether it likes it or not!


  1. Nice. I'm glad I influenced you.
    And I agree with the statement "how the frik..."

    LOTR is going to be amazing! I just know it.

  2. LOL i like the word "underlings"
    (i won't tell them though)
    I plan to have many fires in the future! (i didn't realize you lived so close, lol)