Wednesday, May 6, 2009


You know when you are expecting something to impress you, and then it just doesn't?

I've gotten 2 severe cases of that in the past 3 hours.
1: Night at the Roxbury. I was expecting something much more funny. It's overrated
2: Radiohead. It's very monotonous to listen to. They all sound very similar. The songs are tech-based and super-produced, which is something I generally avoid. I appreciate more honest sound, if that makes any sense.

I get (have) to make supper tonight. We're having bacon and crepes. I can't cook anything else safely....


  1. 1: have not seen it
    2: i agree, i couldn't quite put my finger on it, but's def weird stuff. i like karma police, though! (even though you cant understand what he is saying)
    i just realized something very important as to why i dislike that one person that i dislike. i dont know why i am writing it here...i will send you an fb message!

  2. a night at the roxbury grows on you. that's all i can say in defense of it.