Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's day has passed in a blur of green and Bailey's. I had a top-notch time eating pancakes and seeing starfish and lounging on a deck for most of the day. Unfortunately I was so tired by the time the real partying started to do much of anything but I got the chance to be with good people and that is enough for me.

The weather has been so spectacular the last few days! The sunshine is making me all bubbly and unpredictable inside! Smells of spring are seeping out of the ground and ambuscading me. I'm getting all nutty and the likelihood of me ditching my life is increasing.

D&D campaign is starting soon! I'm a human fighter, which will be a new experience for me. I've only ever played a druid because I'm generally more attracted to utility characters than to brawn characters. Maybe this will be a good way to channel my rage away from school and into somewhere it would be appreciated.

I found out this week that my parents took this test for dementia and my dad has what is known as a mild cognitive impairment. It's an early type of dementia and usually gets worse and sometimes develops into Alzheimer's. I'm really not sure how to take this news. It does worry me. My dad is the sticking post of our family and if he's going to lose his brain over the next few years it could mean some pretty dramatic changes. I hope him losing his brain doesn't scare him as much as it scares me.

Going out for sushi! :)

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