Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh hey

I was asked specifically to update this. In retribution I will now whine about school till you all go away and leave me alone in my puddle of misery.

I'm not even being dramatic with the "puddle of misery" comparison. That's essentially all I am since the beginning of this semester. Community Ecology is like a joy-poultice: pulling all of that pesky happiness and hope out of me and encouraging the growth of unparalleled rage and sadness. Just thinking about it makes my stomach tie up in a knot of nope. Nope nope nope. I am considering writing a letter to the professors telling them that if I die this semester it is all their fault.

I went to a gym yesterday! For the first time evar! The only kind of exercise-y things I usually do is factory work and rock climbing which keeps me moderately fit but I'd never been to a for realsies gym with treadmills and humans before. It was weird. I thought about prison a lot while I was there and how I should get in shape just in case I need to go to prison when I shiv my Comm Eco professor.

I'm really not a happy kitty any more. Either I'm angry or depressed and I think angry is a bit nicer than depressed and that's why I let so many things get to me. I don't think it bothers me unless I accidentally introspect (which I've been avoiding (thus no bloggies)).

I've also found many lovely new friends in Guelph that are much different from friends I have had in the other times of my life. They are fun and sciencey and largely non-introspective. It is a new experience. They are plenty fun, they just are philosophical honey badgers, if you see what I mean. It makes me a honey badger too.

There you go, I updated so that you can procrastinate an extra 15 minutes on whatever you should be doing. I'm going to listen to people say things I do not care about.

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